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Thursday, February 12, 2009

compare and contrast

Now a day, camera becomes one of the important needed for everyone to have it. They choose the camera based on their needed and favorites. Canon Canonet QL19 was produced in early 1965 and was the first camera produced by this popular brand. In other hand, Powershot SD700 was produced in January 2009. This digital camera has a lot of a good feature and attractive appearance that was admired by the teenager now a day.
Canon Canonet QL19 used canon SE 45mm 1:1.9 lens while Powershot SD700 used 400 x zoom (35-140mm eq.). Powershot’s len was better than canonet because it was sharp than Canonet. Its lens can be zoomed 4 times. Thus, we can take a picture even it’s placed a far away from where we are. Besides, we also can take a clear picture from the moving object. Not blur as Canonet ones.
Canonet used AA rechargeable battery while Powershot used Canon NB-5L Battery 1200mAh. AA rechargeable battery can’t stand for a long time. It only can be used in a short time and need to recharge again but Canon NB-5L battery 1200mAh can be used for a long time at least for 6 hours used. This was a longer time in used for a battery in the market. Furthermore, this type of battery also has no memory effect. That’s mean no need to drain it out before recharge.
AA rechargeable was used by the Canonet to recharge the AA battery. This charger has no protection from short circuit and shock if compare to battery charger + car kit for Canon NB-5L. this charger also automatically turn to trickle mode once the charging is finish. This situation made the battery more safe and can reduce the wasted of electricity.
Canonet used film type 135 (35mm) to store the picture taken while Powershot used memory card. Used of memory card is more efficient compare to the film. Memory card can save a lot of picture. Besides, we also can delete the picture if we don’t like it.
Time control is a feature to control time to take the picture without man control. Both of this canon camera have time control but the difference is where the old one can’t set the time compare to the latest one.
Both of this camera has a big difference from the result of picture taken view. Canonet produced only black and white picture while Powershot produced colorful pictures. This made picture more attractive and beautiful compare to the old one.


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