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Monday, March 2, 2009

finding their footing by Nasa Maria Entaban

This article is about three students that try to adapt with the new environment when go to university.
Christine Jamie Vincent Eddy is currently in her first year at UPM, Serdang, but after six month moving from Sarawak, she still homesick. She realised soon after enter the campus that there weren’t many Sarawakian student at her faculty. She decided to adapt the new surrounding as soon as possible. Although Jamie happy with the facilities in the hostel and the university but she had a problem to find friend because of the communication. At last, she finally can adapt herself to the new surrounding and stay on university ground to save the budget with her friends.
Arvinraj Batumalai is a first year student at Monash University in Bandar Sunway. He took medical bioscience course. He got a scholarship but need to give his widowed mother to help support to his brother and sister who are still in school. He also gives tuition several times a week and cuts down on little things like eating out in order to make sure his family did not running out the money. Besides, he also stays at home. Although, he still can save the money for his fun such as to watch movie occasionally or for trip.
Different with two people above, Michelle Tam who hails from Seremban, insists on enjoying every minute from just focusing to study. She had gone for the A1 race at the Sepang International Circuit with her friend, enjoys movies and shopping regularly and always surrounded by friends and laughter. Same like Jamie and Arvin, Michelle also faced a problem to manage her money. She used KTM Komuter or busses as her transport to go anywhere.
Jamie, Arvin and Michelle have all faced challenges in adjusting to their new lives, and have survived thus far. For first year university and college students beginning a different phase in life soon, they want you to know that all it takes is to be yourself, study hard, be careful with money, but remember to have fun whenever you can.