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Friday, March 20, 2009

Living a legacy By IAN YEE

This article was about a live of a son of the famous drummer, Josh Ashley Thomas, 24 years old. For Thomas the better way to get started is just not only chummy with some of his peers who were on the up in the industry. He was also calling musicians like Lewis Pragasam and Andy Peterson “uncle”, because they are his father’s friends. His father, Jose Thomas, is widely regarded as one of the finest guitarists in the country. John has inherited his father’s musical talent, but he believes it was mostly paternal guidance that has made him the virtuoso he is today. All his family member are good in the musician field. John was obviously taught well, as he has toured with Taiwanese pop star A-Mei all the way to Los Angeles, played with world-renowned flautist Nestor Torres and pretty much every big name in the local music industry. Besides, Thomas never felt pressure having to perform in the jazz music scene with all its critics and fastidious listeners because he always enjoys what he do. He love playing drum very much. He said what he most inspires about his father is his love and dedication for music.