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Friday, March 20, 2009

Living a legacy By IAN YEE

This article was about a live of a son of the famous drummer, Josh Ashley Thomas, 24 years old. For Thomas the better way to get started is just not only chummy with some of his peers who were on the up in the industry. He was also calling musicians like Lewis Pragasam and Andy Peterson “uncle”, because they are his father’s friends. His father, Jose Thomas, is widely regarded as one of the finest guitarists in the country. John has inherited his father’s musical talent, but he believes it was mostly paternal guidance that has made him the virtuoso he is today. All his family member are good in the musician field. John was obviously taught well, as he has toured with Taiwanese pop star A-Mei all the way to Los Angeles, played with world-renowned flautist Nestor Torres and pretty much every big name in the local music industry. Besides, Thomas never felt pressure having to perform in the jazz music scene with all its critics and fastidious listeners because he always enjoys what he do. He love playing drum very much. He said what he most inspires about his father is his love and dedication for music.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Straits Times from Wikipedia

The New Straits Times is an English- language newspaper published in Malaysia. It is Malaysia’s oldest newspaper still in print since 1845. The paper be the only Malaysia’s broadsheet format English language newspaper. However, following the heels of British newspaper The Times and The Independent, a tabloid version first rooled off the presses on 1 September 2004 and since 18 April 2005, the newspaper is published only in tabloid size, ending a 160 years old traditional of broadsheet publication. The New Straits Times currently retails at RM1.20. The New Straits Times is printed by the New Straits Times Press, which also produces the English language afternoon newspaper, The Malay Mail, as well as sorted Malay language newspaper, most notably the Berita Harian. The New Straits Times is part of Media Prima group of companies. The current Group Editor of the New Straits Times is Syed Nadzri Syed Harun, while Kamarul Idris Zulkifli is acting Deputy Group Editors, as of 1 January 2007, include KP Waran, Lim Thow Boon, Rajan Moses and Ping Hong Kwang. The paper was originally founded as The Straits Times and covered all of what was then British Malaya and Singapore where it was based. This continued when Singapore became part of Malaysia in 1963 but upon its departure from the Federation in 1965, a separate paper published and based in Malaysia, the New Straits Times, was established, while The Straits Times has continued publication in Singapore.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

This book was story about a true love between Romeo and Juliet. Both of them comes from the rich family but their family were in fight for a long times. At first, Romeo was frustrated with Rosaline, comes to the Juliet’s party wishing to see Rosaline and talk to her. This party was take place because to plan Juliet wedding with Paris. In this party, Romeo falls in love with Juliet at first sight. Juliet also fall in love with Romeo but they realize that they are enemy and impossible to be together. Ignoring the danger, Romeo scales the Juliet’s wall to be near Juliet, the woman he cannot forget. After declaring their feeling for each other, the two decide to marry. They married two days after that night. They married without their parent knowledge. Every night, Romeo will climb ropes to his wife’s room. Juliet’s family who don’t know their daughter marriage, plans for the Juliet wedding with Paris. At the same time, Romeo was banishes by the Prince of Verona because killed Tybalt Juliet wedding has been decided on that week. The Juliet maid plan for the Juliet’s false die at her wedding thus Juliet can run with her Romeo by drink a potion that made Juliet sleep. Hearing Juliet’s death, Romeo deciding to risk his own life by returning to Verona at once to see Juliet foe the last time. He took a poison and die with his wife. When Juliet wake up and see her husband dying, she kissed Romeo and dying too.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone by J.K Rowling

The story begins with a description of the Dursleys, an utterly normal family in England, who are left with baby Harry Potter on their doorsteps. Aunt Petunia's sister Lily married James Potter and became a powerful couple in the wizard's world. They were killed by the evil Voldemort, leaving Harry with a large scar on his forehead and legacy as the only wizard to escape Voldemort alive. Head wizard Albus Dumbledore decides to have Harry grow up with the Dursleys until he is ready to attend Hogwarts, the premiere magic school in England. At age 11, Harry is whisked away to Hogwarts by the giant gamekeeper, Hagrid, to find himself lost amongst a new world of magic and power.
Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley, where he retrieves some of his inheritance from Gringotts, the wizard bank, and purchases his books, wand, and robes from the Leaky Cauldron and Ollivanders. On the train to Hogwarts at platform Nine and Three Quarters, Harry meets his new friend Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Everyone is amazed to meet the famous Harry Potter. On the train Harry also meets Draco Malfoy, a boy with whom he develops a distrust and hatred. At Hogwarts, the children meet Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, and Quirrell, all professors and wizards. At the opening banquet, the Sorting Hat decides in which house the children live, sorting Hermione, Neville, Ron, and Harry into Gryffindor, and Draco Malfoy into Slytherin, the house run by Snape and known to have schooled Voldemort in years past.
Hermione busies herself with studies, Ron with chess, and Harry with learning about his family and powers. He becomes an expert at flying and is allowed to play Quidditch for Gryffindor's team. Draco Malfoy continually tries to get the Gryffindor kids in trouble, by setting them up and dragging them away from their beds at the wrong time. One day, Ron and Harry come across a large troll and rescue Hermione from death. From then on, the threesome spies on Snape and Quirrell and seek to discover the secrets at Hogwarts. They realize that the Sorceror's Stone is hidden by a three-headed dog at Hogwarts and is the secret to eternal life created by Nicholas Flamel. They believe Snape is the culprit behind the evil and try to stop him from destroying Harry and Hogwarts.
Meanwhile, Hagrid keeps an eye on Harry and looks out for him. They visit Hagrid and meet his new pet dragon, Norbert. Norbert causes problems for everyone, as dragons are illegal animals. The three send the dragon away to Romania under Harry's Invisibility Cloak and are discovered out of bed doing so. They are branded and punished with detention and stricken of fifty points each. As detention the kids must help clean up the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid. They find a unicorn slaughtered, with its blood scattered across the ground, and are frightened by an evil spirit. The good centaur Firenze flies Harry away from danger in the forest as soon as he discovers who Harry is.
Harry, Ron, and Hermione discover that Voldemort tricked Hagrid into revealing the method by which to get past the three-headed dog and to the Sorcerer's Stone. They rush past the dog, and through the chambers to stop Voldemort from killing Harry. Ron gets everyone past the life sized Wizard's Chess board, while Hermione breaks the riddle that allows Harry to proceed to the ultimate chamber under ground. He sees the Mirror of Erised, the same mirror that shows the hopes and dreams of the person who looks inside. He finds Quirrell in the chamber without his stutter. He admits to hosting Voldemort and trying to destroy Harry in the forest. When his turban is removed, Harry sees a double face on top of Quirrell's head - it is Voldemort, and he wants to use Harry to get the Stone and then kill him. Harry discovers the Stone in his pocket and tries to kill Voldemort/Quirrel until he blacks out.
Harry awakens in the infirmary to Dumbledore congratulating him. He saved the Stone, Hogwarts, and his own life. Because of his bravery and that of Hermione, Ron, and Neville, Gryffindor wins the House Cup for the year. Harry must go back to the Dursleys for the summer, but looks forward to all the magic he will practice and learn in the future.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This book was dedicated to who love pencil. It’s mean who are interested to learn how to draw. Firstly, the author taught the reader to draw in an easy way such as a draw a line. Lines were an initiate for a lot of thing. Our polygon shape was a good example for a combination of lines. When we think of something, we can draw it by combine the lines. After that we can adjust the lines into the shape we want. After one moment, you will able to draw it without draw a lines. Besides, the author also taught the reader to start a drawing with circle. Same like lines, circle also is a basic shape for a lot of things such as our head, ball, cap and also a bell. The orientation of our drawing will determine our drawing. For example when you draw a circle and a curve in it, the circle will become a ball right now. It is easy. When we combine circle and lines, we can draw a face with an expression such as angry, sad or happy. From the simple drawing, the author taught the reader to the complicated one but still with easy method; use circle and lines. This is the best book for the beginner artist or also for anyone who want to learn drawing with the simple method.

Monday, March 2, 2009

finding their footing by Nasa Maria Entaban

This article is about three students that try to adapt with the new environment when go to university.
Christine Jamie Vincent Eddy is currently in her first year at UPM, Serdang, but after six month moving from Sarawak, she still homesick. She realised soon after enter the campus that there weren’t many Sarawakian student at her faculty. She decided to adapt the new surrounding as soon as possible. Although Jamie happy with the facilities in the hostel and the university but she had a problem to find friend because of the communication. At last, she finally can adapt herself to the new surrounding and stay on university ground to save the budget with her friends.
Arvinraj Batumalai is a first year student at Monash University in Bandar Sunway. He took medical bioscience course. He got a scholarship but need to give his widowed mother to help support to his brother and sister who are still in school. He also gives tuition several times a week and cuts down on little things like eating out in order to make sure his family did not running out the money. Besides, he also stays at home. Although, he still can save the money for his fun such as to watch movie occasionally or for trip.
Different with two people above, Michelle Tam who hails from Seremban, insists on enjoying every minute from just focusing to study. She had gone for the A1 race at the Sepang International Circuit with her friend, enjoys movies and shopping regularly and always surrounded by friends and laughter. Same like Jamie and Arvin, Michelle also faced a problem to manage her money. She used KTM Komuter or busses as her transport to go anywhere.
Jamie, Arvin and Michelle have all faced challenges in adjusting to their new lives, and have survived thus far. For first year university and college students beginning a different phase in life soon, they want you to know that all it takes is to be yourself, study hard, be careful with money, but remember to have fun whenever you can.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

compare and contrast

Now a day, camera becomes one of the important needed for everyone to have it. They choose the camera based on their needed and favorites. Canon Canonet QL19 was produced in early 1965 and was the first camera produced by this popular brand. In other hand, Powershot SD700 was produced in January 2009. This digital camera has a lot of a good feature and attractive appearance that was admired by the teenager now a day.
Canon Canonet QL19 used canon SE 45mm 1:1.9 lens while Powershot SD700 used 400 x zoom (35-140mm eq.). Powershot’s len was better than canonet because it was sharp than Canonet. Its lens can be zoomed 4 times. Thus, we can take a picture even it’s placed a far away from where we are. Besides, we also can take a clear picture from the moving object. Not blur as Canonet ones.
Canonet used AA rechargeable battery while Powershot used Canon NB-5L Battery 1200mAh. AA rechargeable battery can’t stand for a long time. It only can be used in a short time and need to recharge again but Canon NB-5L battery 1200mAh can be used for a long time at least for 6 hours used. This was a longer time in used for a battery in the market. Furthermore, this type of battery also has no memory effect. That’s mean no need to drain it out before recharge.
AA rechargeable was used by the Canonet to recharge the AA battery. This charger has no protection from short circuit and shock if compare to battery charger + car kit for Canon NB-5L. this charger also automatically turn to trickle mode once the charging is finish. This situation made the battery more safe and can reduce the wasted of electricity.
Canonet used film type 135 (35mm) to store the picture taken while Powershot used memory card. Used of memory card is more efficient compare to the film. Memory card can save a lot of picture. Besides, we also can delete the picture if we don’t like it.
Time control is a feature to control time to take the picture without man control. Both of this canon camera have time control but the difference is where the old one can’t set the time compare to the latest one.
Both of this camera has a big difference from the result of picture taken view. Canonet produced only black and white picture while Powershot produced colorful pictures. This made picture more attractive and beautiful compare to the old one.